H Work

H Work

Every now and then I get to get off the computer to get some work done. Wahoo! (Okay it started with a pencil and paper…ended up mostly back on the computer.)

I’m working on an infographic for the fundraising campaign we’re helping with. Here’s a skip-through of my process:

• Pencil drawing.
• Inked it. Tool of choice is a fine point Sharpie. (Beware: the toddler’s tool of choice is the Sharpie too…attention diverted to colored pencils.)
• Erased the pencil.
• Scanned. (The school has a scanner, otherwise I’d just grab a pic with my iPod camera.)
• Crisped up the lines and cleaned up any stray marks in Photoshop.
• Opened in Illustrator and vectorized.
• Added stems, leaves and rocks with the brush tool.
• Created a new layer for each flower with white fill, for each as an outline only, and for each stem, then exported the file as a PSD.
• Back to Photoshop. Time to add some color! (Don’t ask me to identify, lol.) I used a wet media brush at half opacity and painted quick and sloppy.
• Painted a green background layer, and then working backwards with a white brush, I created multiple versions of it that are different heights.
• Created one last layer that has all the flower outlines and stems together, and lowered the opacity to almost transparent.
• Starting with all the layers turned off, I exported 50 web-ready JPEG versions of the graphic, saving a new one as I turned each layer on.

Finished! Now every time Jhamtse Gatsal signs on a new child sponsor (the goal is to find 50 additional this year – hence 50 flowers), a new flower will pop up in the garden graphic. Cool, eh?

I want to learn more about animating GIFs…when I do, I will share a version of my painting that shows the growing!

Check out the progress of the campaign here.