Stuff-Making Skills

Stuff-Making Skills

I got to bust out some old Redcliff rope-making skills the other day. We were killing time, waiting for some new visitors to arrive and be greeted. So I was keeping my hands busy by making cordage out of long blades of grass.

It wasn’t too long before I was surrounded by eager learners, jumping right in with their own attempts.

One of the boys showed me how they make rope in his village, using bamboo fiber, and twisting three strands instead of two. I bet that stuff is strong. Next I want to try making hemp cordage. Plenty of that around here. :)

A few of the kids took turns pleading their cases as to why they should be the recipient of the piece I was working on (all while gathering grass blades and finger-twisting their own little strands). By the time the cars showed up, and everyone had to scatter back to their places in the greeting line, I had about 8 or 9 feet finished.

It was only a mini part of my day, but it was fun to hang out like that with the kids. Sharing skills & learning skills and talking & listening is the best kind of learning.