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Om Tar’e Tu Tar’e Monpa Dance

This is one of my favorites. :) It's a traditional Monpa dance called [something like] Om Tar'e Tu Tar'e, and performed by the students of classes 8 and 9 at Jhamtse Gatsal Children's Community. Side note: Monpa is not a written language, so the spelling of this dance is the Tibetan dance teacher's and Spence's combined best guess at a phonetic spelling.

Lekshey Norchung Tibetan Dance

We wanted to share some of the beautiful traditional dances that the kids do for special occasions. With so little bandwidth available for uploading stuff though, we've knocked the quality of these down quite small to save space..... :( And actually, that is going to be the case with any videos going forward while we are here. We promise to go back and replace them with their higher-quality versions as soon as we are back to somewhere with better internet, though. Enjoy. This is a Tibetan dance called Lekshey Norchung, and this is the kids of classes 7, 8 and…


All that construction work last weekend earned everyone a day off, so another volunteer, Adam, organized a handful of us to hike down the nearby village of Khartheng for a visit. The trail we took to get there went pretty much straight down the mountainside from the ridge Jhamtse Gatsal is on. But it got us there in a quick 30 minutes! Khartheng seems like a bigger village to me, full of traditional stone houses, with alleys winding between them, and surrounded by fields of crops. It was fun to be with the kids, who enjoyed pointing things out and…