Video Posts

Because of Puking

Hanging out in the room. We brought some momos from the kitchen. They are yummy. Too yummy. When you're two and you eat too many... and you're laying down on the bench at the table... and someone is making you laugh too much... Well, our dinner plans for tonight have changed. Good night, Grandma!

Om Tar’e Tu Tar’e Monpa Dance

This is one of my favorites. :) It's a traditional Monpa dance called [something like] Om Tar'e Tu Tar'e, and performed by the students of classes 8 and 9 at Jhamtse Gatsal Children's Community. Side note: Monpa is not a written language, so the spelling of this dance is the Tibetan dance teacher's and Spence's combined best guess at a phonetic spelling.

Lekshey Norchung Tibetan Dance

We wanted to share some of the beautiful traditional dances that the kids do for special occasions. With so little bandwidth available for uploading stuff though, we've knocked the quality of these down quite small to save space..... :( And actually, that is going to be the case with any videos going forward while we are here. We promise to go back and replace them with their higher-quality versions as soon as we are back to somewhere with better internet, though. Enjoy. This is a Tibetan dance called Lekshey Norchung, and this is the kids of classes 7, 8 and…

Playing With Puppies #1

Got some quick videos of the boy and his puppy pals. Mostly boring if you're not one of the grandmas. Zzzzzz. :) In this one they are wrestling and bouncing up the steps. After the mama dog moved them out of the woodpile, she brought them by the guesthouse and apparently told them to stay with us. (Despite Kai, we really probably had one of the safest and calmest spots on campus...) They slept in a pile of 5 on a blanket under a table outside our room for awhile, and they were fun.

Storyteller Kai

I'm loving getting to witness Kai's mastering of the English language. He amazes me with some of the thoughts he puts together sometimes, or words he comes up with (or remembers). And he's quite the little talker. He likes to tell stories. I haven't been too successful at capturing some of his best stuff...but here is some small chatter from Kai.

Rainy Day Stairs

It's a quiet rainy day. We're headed in for a bath and a nap after some good puddle & sand pile playin'. Squish. Squish. Squish. (Spence built this shortcut path and steps from our little guesthouse up to the main part of campus on a day when the power was down so he couldn't work on his computer. He's so cool.) P.s. As with any of our pics, if you're having trouble because of the ridiculously big size, just grab the corner of your browser and make it narrower and things will resize so you can view them smaller.


I'm pretty sure when we look back, the year of being two will be all about rock-throwing. Boy loves rocks. It's hereditary. (And yep, those are his babies he's packin')


This is how he learned Sangpo's name. 'Cuz "Sangpo has a motorcycle!" I also now occasionally get "Mom, can I have a motorcycle?" :) Of course, Kai. Give it a decade or so, though. Ok?


Kai with a gaggle of girls. All the attention is overwhelming sometimes, but today he's eating it up. (And look how well trained he is to stop and pose when the camera comes out! Lol.)

Making Friends

Just some low-key playing with rocks and a new friend. I think little Tharpa is 8+ months older than Kai. Holy smokes we have a giant!